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MASscarves is the creation of Philadelphia artist, designer and performer Samantha Hyman.  A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Samantha didn't start out in the fashion or even design world.  After graduating with a degree in painting(!), Samantha knew the gallery world wasn't for her.  She started a journey into the world of puppetry and circus arts, became a face painter, then a stilt walker, a hula hooper, a juggler, even an aerial acrobat!  Creating original theater and performing regularly on stilts, she began fabricating costumes and taught herself how to sew and alter garments.  One winter's evening in 2013, using some faux fur left over from a mascot costume she has been to commissioned to make, and some inspiring fabric remnants, MASscarves was born.  It wasn't long before custom orders were coming in!  Each year the company evolves to include new designs and ideas, so keep on the lookout for what's new!


As MASscarves has grown, we have become more and more aware of the waste and pollution that comes from the fashion industry. In fact, the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world, next to big oil!!  The US alone sends 21 BILLION pounds of textile waste to landfills each year.  In an effort to promote environmentalism and protect our planet, MASscarves has made a pledge to do our best to be an environmentally friendly and socially aware clothing company.  We pledge to always use ethically sourced fabrics, and to pay our employees a fair and living wage.  


It is important to know that MAS scarves are made from factory over stock fabrics, which makes each design available only in small batches.  Though this can be disappointing when a fabric you saw and loved is no longer available, it is exciting because it keeps the uniqueness of each scarf alive while also maintaining an eco-friendly approach, using fabrics that would otherwise be discarded.  


People ask, why MASscarves?

MAS means "more" in Spanish, so... once you have one scarf, you're gonna want MAS!

And MAS is SAM (that's me) backwards.  Thanks for stopping by! 

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