Get it while it's hot!

Though the August sun will still make you sweat, fashion designers and marketers are already underway with tantalizing you with fall and winter fashions! As MASscarves gets it's 2nd season underway, we are learning from the fashion industry and are starting nice and early this year! In fact, scarf sales have already started!

In fact, things have really been picking up. I had a meeting with my dear friend and marketing/business coach Meagan Ruppert of Ascending Circles to see just how we can get MASscarves to continue to grow. I've been shopping for new remant fabrics-- warm earthy browns, black (a winter fixture), white and ivory. Plus, they wouldn't be MASscarves without some signature bold and tribal patterns. Of course, the scarves are all reversible and those patterns are paired with soft fleeces and yummy jersey knits. Incredibly, they are making me yearn for cooler days when a scarf and a pair of boots are the essential accessories.

It's really amazing what creating these scarves has done for me-- I've gone from dreading winter to actually looking forward to it!! If you're someone who would rather be lounging by the beach or floating in a river during the dog days of summer, then I hope the warmth of MASscarves can help you through the cold and dark days of winter ahead in some style and grace!

Keep posted for new looks, and a link to a new etsy store allowing you to shop online with ease!

In warmth and style,


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