Is it scarf season yet?

Wow! It's already October! And MASscarves is off to a wild start!!

Back in September it became very clear that the little home sewer sewing machine I was using just wasn't going to cut it, so I took the plunge and invested in an INDUSTRIAL sewing machine! This thing is legit! It is a powerhouse, sewing through double layers of faux fur, fleece and knits like a BOSS. And those little leather triangles I use to sew in the latch for the closures? No problem.

So far, we've been out vending at CraftPhila down on 6th and Market in Center City, Philadelphia, and McClonskey's Market in beautiful Washington Crossing. Both days were great! So happy and thankful to all the people who came out and supported local, handmade arts and crafts!

The weather is just starting to turn to scarf season, so I'm super excited to see how the season progresses! We did have one week of cold, rainy weather so far, and the new hooded scarf design really prooved it's worth! When you're inside, just wear it stylishly around your neck, and when you go outside, flip that hood up, and BAM! protected! That's the beauty of MASscarves!

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