Wow! Just wow! The 2015/2016 season was a complete success! I am so thankful for all the people who came out to art and craft markets in Philadelphia and the surrounds, and New York to support artists and designers of handmade goods! The season surpassed my sales goals and gave me hope for a bright future for MASscarves!

I worked harder than I ever have before, running the company and sewing each scarf entirely by myself! I made some big investments for the company-- an industrial sewing machine and a new computer, continued teaching myself about marketing and social media, and connected with so many other makers and doers! I feel proud and grateful and excited about the future!

At the end of the season, after being exhausted of sewing from the same 5 patterns for so many months, I decided to produce a fashion show and art event, WILD/URBAN. I had never completed a full fashion show before, where I designed and constructed every piece of clothing, but also the hair and makeup looks. I collaborated with an awesome dancer and choreographer, Ava Michelle Seenarine to create a dance and runway hybrid! The theme of the event was based on my experiences and influences on my style and gaze in the past 10 years of my life-- influenced by living in the mountains, and deserts, and on farms where your daily life is tied so closely to the land and natural cycles, and by the last 5 years living and working in Philadelphia, observing urban life, hip hop culture, owning my own businesses and competing in the city economy. I invited artists, vendors, dancers, musicians and DJs to be a part of the event, and it was a huge success! A true celebration of community and collaboration!

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