Thank you! Thank you! And so many MAS thank yous!

Seriously, MAS can't thank you enough!

This year was our biggest year yet! Vending outside for six weeks in an East Coast winter wasn't easy-- but it was so worth it! We set up shop at Dilworth Park, the plaza of City Hall in Center City, Philadelphia, sharing a booth with two other amazing women, AC from Traveling Herb Farmer, and Kat from Stone Cooper Jewelry. The booth , called La Vie Boheme, was a little boho haven-- with soft warm light, cozy hooded scarves, healing and delicious smelling herbal remedies, and beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Many people who came into our space complimented the vibe-- said it was relaxing and happy feeling. Just what we were aiming for!

Having a shop for the whole holiday season was just the right thing to get MAS into the public eye. In year's past, MAS has vended at as many as four different craft shows in a single weekend. The set up and breakdown became tiresome, as did the days when a show wasn't well attended and sales were disappointing. But this year was so different! MAS was able to have a home base-- a place where people could return to, and send their friends and loved ones. If the weather one day was bad, we didn't have to worry, because we knew the next day would be better!

We were able to reach such a broader audience-- tourists visiting Philadelphia, families coming to enjoy a day in the city or to go ice skating, and people who live and work in center city. We sold our unique MAS hooded scarves to people from all over the country-- to people who live in Texas, California, Illinois, and Massachusetts-- and the world-- including people visiting from France, Italy and Canada!!

And the best part of it all was the overwhelming response to MASscarves. It was truly inspiring to see how much people loved the product. It was very affirming and satisfying for me personally, after sewing alone in my studios for so many months in preparation, to bring my handmade product to the public and have it be absolutely adored! I feel so blessed and grateful! I have put an incredible amount of time, energy and love into this company and to have had such a successful season is the best feeling! It excites me to think about what is coming for the future of MAS!

So, again, THANK YOU! Thank you to all the people who shopped local this holiday season! Thank you to those who bought handmade, who believe in craft, who love the planet, who came to the shop, who tried on hoods, who bought hoods, who came back for more hoods! You are the reason I keep going, you are the fire under my ass, and you are my inspiration! Here's to a beautiful new year, and a bright future together!


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