Long Hood

Named for my maternal Grandmother, The Bella is the Long Hooded Scarf.

When worn down, the faux fur acts as a cozy fur collar.  When worn up as a hood, the faux fur frames your face while soft fleeces and knits protect your head and neck from the cold

$75, Shop here


Short Hood

Lena was my father's mother, and has The Short Hooded Scarf named for her.

The Lena is just like the Bella except it is shorter.  It bundles nicely around your neck, and can also be buttoned for extra protection.

$65, Shop here

Carlos is my husband!  (Isn't he cute!?) and is The Tube Scarf style.


The simplest style, but also the most practical.  Fits snuggly over your head, shorter length faux fur can be pulled up over your ears, chin and face to protect you from winter winds.  Originally designed with urban cyclists in mind, this scarf is effortless and so warm!



Currently only available by request


Bike or Tube



Velda is my great Aunt, married for over 50 years to Bella's brother.  I have named the cloaks for her

Each of these cloaks is unique.  I am inspired by the textures and patterns of remnant fabric I find and build the cloaks from there. Each has it's own special features.


Contact for pricing & available styles



Dorothy was also my great aunt, Bella's sister,  In her memory, I have named The Vest.

Hooded vests in a variety of styles.  Great for layering, and so cozy, too

Contact for pricing & available styles

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